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An evening of drinking in Tokyo and Yokohama with Tom
An evening of drinking in Tokyo and Yokohama with Tom

Having previously worked in the craft beer industry, it’s no surprise that I’m a fan of good quality beer in Tokyo. If you’re interested in checking out different bars and drinking in Tokyo, especially if you’re a fan of beers, then definitely check these places in Tokyo and visit Yokohama spots!

Find out more about the different Japanese drinks you can get and how to prepare for a night out in Tokyo.

Drinking in Tokyo

Two Dogs

I don’t often go out to Roppongi; however, when I do, I always make sure to grab a pint (or two) at Two Dogs.

Two dogs is great for a lot of occasions. I feel comfortable going alone as the bartender is always friendly, but it’s also spacious and lively making a great place to meet up with some people. Their selection of beer is always changing and never boring, which can be the case with some craft beer bars in Japan.

Two Dogs
Credit: Trip Advisor

Bar 1985

When I’ve got some friends visiting Japan, places Bar 1985 is among the places we hit up.

Bar 1985 is always a good place to go to grab a drink. Their location is convenient, prices aren’t ridiculous, and they make good cocktails. I think simple drinks like gin & tonics are really easy to screw up and there are a lot of places in Tokyo that do just that. Here, I’m never disappointed.

Bar 1985
Credit: Hot Pepper

Visit Yokohama

Another area that is amongst my favourite to hang out is Sakuragicho/ Kannai/ Motomachi in Yokohama.

As a port city, they have had huge western influences historically and this can be felt through some of the architecture as well as the roads – which are less cramped like those in Tokyo.

It’s the perfect day to go on a weekend to enjoy good food, good drinks, and go for a stroll. The food and drinks scene in Yokohama is alive and you’ll find everything from authentic Thai and Korean to classic pub grub and American classics.

I often end up in the drinking alleys of Noge-cho which is filled with izakayas and bars, which amongst you will find Ultra. Ultra has some of the best music in my opinion, and is easy to stumble into. Whether you’re out with a friend or out on a date, you’ll surely be able to find something for the occasion!

Find out more about Yokohama bars here and if you are interested, come with us on a tour to explore this area!

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Do you like these places to go drinking in Tokyo? Got more interesting places to recommend to us? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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